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2020 church webinar. Dewaye Scott

Over the last few months, our world has experienced great uncertainty, and many individuals are seeking understanding and a closer relationship with God.


Dewayne Scott's Webinar: Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone — How God Stretches Your Faith will equip your congregation with the tools to focus on how our Creator can take any situation and grow it in ways we never imagined.


The webinar in offered in two options — a 2-hour interactive workshop where participants will engage with Dewayne through virtual hand-raising for questions and/or comments. Or a 4-session classroom series from the same topic, that allows the information to go deeper and provide more of a classroom feel and continuity. 



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.


The Workshop’s starting price is $600.
The Classroom Series’ starting price is $800. 
Final pricing will be contingent on the number of participants, and will be provided after your registration form has been received and reviewed. 
Both options are virtual and include a live stream facilitator, Dewayne's custom curriculum, and workshop note sheets. 
The book, Stepping Outside Your Comfort Zone is not included but can be purchased here.
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